Jerry Miller Files Suit Against City of Chicago

Jerry Miller has filed a federal court civil rights lawsuit against the City of Chicago and several former Chicago police officers. Miller was arrested and charged with the rape of a 44 year old woman in 1981. Miller was identified as the attacker by two attendants at a parking garage at 506 N. Rush street where the rape took place. Miller served 26 years in prison before being paroled in 2006. The State’s Attorney’s Office agreed to post-conviction DNA testing in 2006 that showed that Miller was not the contributor of the DNA profile found on the victim’s slip. In his lawsuit, Miller claims that the Chicago police officers told the parking lot employees to pick him out of a lineup. The basis for that allegation, however, is unclear, as those employees are deceased. ANDREW M. HALE and AVI KAMIONSKI have been retained to represent the police officer defendants in that case, which has been assigned to District Court Judge Suzanne Conlon.