“If You Know Who Did It, You Must Come Forward”

A good article in the Chicago Sun-Times today – here’s the first couple of paragraphs:”Odds are, somebody knows who killed Chicago Police Officer Michael R. Bailey. Killers have a hard time keeping a secret, police say, and the clues they leave behind often make somebody – a relative, a neighbor, an acquaintance – suspicious. But all too often nobody comes forward. Nobody helps the police. Nobody does what is honorable and right. So, the killers never pay. This, we believe, goes a long way toward explaining why Officer Bailey was killed – because we, the people of Chicago, failed him with our silence.”   The article concludes by stating “The job of every police officer is to protect the people of Chicago. The job of every Chicagoan is to protect the police. To do both jobs, we must work together.”  WE AGREE.