hug a cop

We are passionate about defending the reputations of hard working, innocent police officer clients. We are always incredibly proud when a jury agrees with us that there was no police misconduct. Similarly we’re proud when the court agrees that there’s no evidence in the first place to even warrant a trial.

We believe that the further people explore the many facts involved in wrongful conviction cases, the more it will become increasingly difficult to buy into claims that police misconduct is so perpetually at fault. After all, there is no financial incentive for the police to fabricate murder confessions and intentionally put innocent people behind bars. Officers don’t get a bonus if a case is closed. And officers have no motivation to send an innocent person to jail for life.

However a plaintiff does have reason to lie. Many millions of reasons in the form of dollars — if a plaintiff plays “Cop Lotto” and wins.  Unfortunately, these millions of dollars are  tax payer dollars – that could seriously damage a city’s financial stability – and potentially bankrupt a retired police officer, who winds up being dragged out of retirement to be sued, after having spent decades dutifully serving and protecting their city.  That is not justice.

Although “wrongful convictions,” when they do happen, are terrible, so are  “wrongful police bankruptcies,” “wrongful city financial distress,” and “wrongful gangster millionaire paydays”! We firmly believe that crime should not pay!

Unfortunately, it’s easy to see how a plaintiff might get lured in by the siren sound of that “cop-ching, cop-ching” millionaire payoff.  Also unfortunately the plaintiffs involved in wrongful conviction law suits are hoping to increase their chances of winning “Cop Lotto” by playing on people’s negative perceptions about police officers – which has slowly been increasing over time, due to a media bias for wanting to create dramatic headlines about the few bad police officers out there – what we involved with the Whole Truth Project call “Copaganda.”

The whole truth? The vast majority of police officers are dedicated, hard working and conscientious. There are 14,0000 police officers in Chicago. The fact that a handful of officers have been in the news for misconduct should not taint the other 13,990! One bad apple cop does not equal them all being bad apple cops.

We need to start understanding this mathematical fact. Not only for the basic sake of the police’s reputation – but for the financial sake of our cities monetary stability. If we allow juries to buy into this unfair “Cop-aganda,” our cities will be at risk of losing millions of taxpayer dollars by becoming vulnerable to trumped up fake police misconduct stories.

For all these reasons, Andrew Hale founded THE WHOLE TRUTH PROJECT – set up to give a voice to the hardworking police officers of this country who are being routinely blamed for every wrongful conviction that takes place. (We encourage you to read more about THE WHOLE TRUTH PROJECT, by clicking here.)