Extra Mile Consulting

We are one of the nation’s top law firms representing police officers, with a reputation for achieving outstanding results in some of the highest profile police misconduct cases in the country. When you hire us as consultants, our “extra mile” methodologies which regularly win us cases, can help you to win your case – thereby saving your client multi-millions of dollars.

With us by your side, we will empower you to put in that “extra mile” effort to develop the key facts and legal theories needed to win your case. We will help you to brainstorm a quirky case angle – hire an unusual expert – look for the subplot – jump through hoops – leave no case stone unturned. We love playing detective – trying to figure out if it’s possible that the plaintiff might actually still have dunnit. We passionately dig dig dig – enabling you to go down five layers in a case – whereas without us as consultants, you might only know how to dig down one layer. We are fanatical. We obsess.

Thanks to our passion and expertise, we have more experience in the areas of Wrongful Conviction than any other firm in the country. Plus, when it comes to Innocence Pardons, nobody even comes close to our knowledge and success.

No matter where YOU might be located, no matter how many miles away, it’s worth it to go that extra mile to hire us, so we can go that extra mile to empower you to win your case. In fact we believe that the few thousand miles between us right now will start to look mighty small when we save your client mutli-millions of dollars.

examples of our “extra mile” winning efforts

Our firm was retained by the City of Chicago to defend ten former Chicago Police Officers in a case brought against them by Michael Evans – where the plaintiff’s counsel asked the jury for over $50 million in compensatory damages – plus another $10 in punitive damages. Admittedly this case started out looking nearly impossible for the police to win. But we put in the “extra mile” investigative work to reveal enough details to the behind-the-scenes- story to allow a jury to see that the police weren’t responsible for Evans’ wrongful conviction. The trial lasted nearly four weeks, and included testimony from Evans, the eyewitness, the defendant Police Officers and numerous other former Chicago Police Officers, the former State’s Attorneys who prosecuted Evans back in 1976, Cook County State’s Attorney Richard Devine, as well as several expert witnesses. The jury even returned this victory verdict in favor of all ten defendants on all four counts – after deliberating for only a little more than a day. This shocking victory was splashed all over the pages of Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times.

another example of our “extra mile” winning efforts

Our firm also saved the city of Chicago millions of dollars in a wrongful conviction case filed by Jerry Miller — a man originally convicted of raping a woman at a parking garage in 1982. At the time, Miller was identified by two employees who worked at the garage as someone they saw attempting to drive the rape victim’s car out of the garage — with the victim locked in the trunk. After spending 26 years in prison, Miller was released after DNA testing from the crime scene proved that Miller was not the rapist. Shortly after, Miller filed a civil lawsuit, alleging that several now retired Chicago police officers had framed him. Again this case started off appearing impossible to win. Again, our firm put in that extra mile effort – by obsessively researching the law, developing the testimony of the police officers that they properly relied on the identifications of the parking lot attendants who claimed they saw Mr. Miller attempting to drive the rape victim’s car out of the parking garage, and then painstakingly preparing a thorough and persuasive motion for summary judgment. As a result, Judge Suzanne B. Conlon rejected all of Miller’s claims against the officers and granted their motion for summary judgment in its entirety.