Business Litigation

Our attorneys also have significant experience in handling litigation matters that typically confront business owners. These matters include the following areas:

  • arbitrations & mediations
  • breach of contract disputes
  • compensation disputes
  • employment disputes
  • intellectual property disputes
  • partnership disputes
  • product liability cases

Our attorneys represent both plaintiffs and defendants in both state and federal court.

Notable cases:

Lewis Borsellino v. Gerald D. Putnam (partnership dispute)Andrew M. Hale represents the plaintiff Lewis Borsellino in this partnership dispute. Borsellino was business partners with Gerald Putnam and Marrgwen Townsend in a day-trading room in Chicago called Chicago Trading & Arbitrage. Borsellino alleges that Putnam and Townsend, behind his back, used Chicago Trading’s assets to start an electronic communication network or “ECN” called “Archipelago, LLC.” The Archipelago ECN subsequently became a stock exchange which recently merged with the New York Stock Exchange. Putnam is currently the President and co-Chief Operating Officer of the NYSE Group, which was formed out of the merger of the New York Stock Exchange and Archipelago Holdings. This case is pending in state court in Chicago. No trial date has been set yet.