Our firm is one of the country’s top law firms representing police officers in some of the highest profile police misconduct cases in the world. We have developed significant experience in vigorously defending police officers and their municipalities from all types of civil rights allegations including high profile wrongful conviction lawsuits seeking millions (and sometimes tens of millions) of dollars.

We have earned a reputation for winning these cases due to a powerful combination of expertise, passion and attention to detail. We are known for finding that elusive witness no one else can find, brainstorming a quirky case angle to explore, hiring an unusual expert on an issue nobody else thought of hiring.  We are relentlessly committed to going that extra mile and revealing the whole truth to a lawsuit’s story.

We are expert trial specialists in defending police officers in civil rights lawsuits of all types. We’ve experienced victories in defending against all types of allegations, from coerced confessions, false arrests, excessive force, and due process violations.

We have extensive experience in defending against wrongful conviction cases, where the plaintiff has received an innocence pardon or innocence certificate, then turns around to sue the police, blaming them for a wrongful conviction. In fact, our experience with Innocence Pardons/Innocence Certificates is absolutely second to none. Most cities have experienced very few of these types of cases. Chicago, unfortunately, has had several, due to numerous individuals making allegations of police torture. Because of our law firm’s vast experience and success in winning these cases, we can be extremely helpful expert consultants for a city suddenly faced with this kind of challenging case. (For more about our work as consultants, please review our Extra Mile Consulting information by clicking here.)

our firm has significant experience in defending police officers from all types of civil rights allegations, including the following:


We invite you to read examples of the exciting victories we’ve experienced for each of the above,  by clicking on the name of that specialty area.

We are always looking for new challenges and evaluating opportunities to represent clients in interesting and unique circumstances. For example, we worked on a case where a Picasso painting had been stolen by Nazis! For more about this suit, and other examples of our notable non-police cases, please click here.